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    at all

    As far as I understand, at all is usually used in negatige or question forms,. but i just found a sentence in which at all is used.( aside from liking my husband my father was releaved to have one at all) in such case, how can i understand the function of at all?

    the next question is about the expression " you are either in or out" what does it mean? let me give you an example.

    ... they( people living in chinatown) live in poverty. they have very little to be proud about except this language no one else understand. you (chines-American) are either in or out.

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    Re: at all

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    at all
    In any way: unable to walk at all; To any extent; whatever: not at all sorry.

    EX: Aside from liking my husband, my father was relieved to have one (i.e., a son-in-law) at all.

    [2] either in (accepted by e.g., the group) or out (not accepted by the group)

    Note, inside the group, outside the group; in fashion, out of fashion; in favor, out of favor.


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