I think it's more easier for me to pronounce "slurp from", biting at the 'p' because of each similar sound 'p', 'f', though it can be only 'f' sound lacks the 'p' if I mispronounce it.
I can pronounce 'p' in the 'slurp from' like the 'p' sound in the 'cup', 'yup', 'gulp' (I distinguish 'l' and 'r' sound but can't think up the words including 'urp' other than 'slurp') And I think biting my bottom lip at the alphabet 'p' makes me more easier to pronouncing the next word 'from'. My mouth position almost becomes same when pronouncing alphabet 'b', 'p', but I know two alphabet's sound are different.
If I don't make any 'f' sound at the 'p' when I pronouncing "slurp from" is it okay to bite my bottom lip when pronouncing 'slurp from'? And should I entirely close my mouth at the 'p' in the "slurp from'? I close my mouth at the 'p' in the "slurp from' for the pronounciation, but there's very narrow gap which can not be easily noticed except for me.