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Thread: Linking words

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    Linking words


    I have edited my post.

    Make the test easier.(here is my sentence)

    My question is the second "t" in "test" is a consonant and "easier" begins with a vowel sound.

    Should I say this sentence as "Make the tes teasier"? The second "t" in "test" links to "easier".

    As I know "s" in "test" is a strong sound, actually that strong sound can kill the second "t" in test".

    If so, there will be two versions, which are:

    Make the tes(t is reduced) easier or make the tes teasier ( the second t links to the vowel in "easier".

    My question is which pronunciation is correct in linking.

    Thanks for answering my question.
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    Re: Linking words

    Welcome to forun, newbie.

    Please start all sentences with a capital letter, and end with a full stop:

    Make the test easier.

    There are no linking words in your sentence. I don't know why you rewrote the sentence twice without the final t of 'test'.

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