I have written a short speak for IELTS speaking. I am wondering if anyone can help me to correct it. This will be a great help for me. Thank you for your attention. Regards.

What kind of food do you like to eat ?
There are a quite large number of type of Vietnamese food. Some of them are made from meat , others are prepared from fish or vegetables. Personally, food prepared from meat especially ‘thit kho’ is my favorite, which is a combination of meat and coconut water. It is really delicious to have a bottle of hot ‘thit kho’ in a cold day. The bad side is that this meal is quite fat so eating it a lot can cause some heart diseases. However, it is no harm if you take it once in a blue moon.

What new kind of food do you like to try ?
Well, Chinese food is very popular in Ho Chi Minh city. I am really like Chinese food, in particular Chinese noodle with chicken and mushrooms. There are many Chinese restaurants that include this type of noodle in menu but I wish I could eat the original one that is made from real Chinese noodle and Chinese mushroom. I saw it in the movies sometimes. I think this would be very delicious

Do you like to cooking ?
For some people like me cooking is a really good activity for relaxing. Even though I don’t have much free time, I usually do it at the week end. To answer to the question why I like cooking, I would say that there will be several reasons. First of all, preparing lunch for the family is always a big pleasure. Although I don’t do it very well but my children always like all food I’ve done. Next, I always feel relaxing while preparing food as the way to cook is very different from every thing I usually do at work. To prepare meal, you need to smell, taste and look very carefully and you don’t need to think about some technical things very hard to solve and you will forget about all of the pressure caused by customers. And I always found a new source of energy after cooking.

What was the last meal you cooked?
The last time I cooked was in this Saturday night when my small family got together. My children like spaghetti very much so I bought spaghetti, tomato sauces and meat then prepared the spaghetti. I bought the package of spaghetti in a Super Market. I then added it to the boiling water, allowed the spaghetti to cook for approximately 10 minutes. After that I put it into the colander to drain the liquid. Next I added a small amount of olive oil to the pasta and toss and the meal was ready to serve.

Do you prefer home-cooked or food from restaurants?
From the one side, home cooked food is very healthy as the food is well prepared using good material. Moreover, eating at home helps members of family to get closer. At the lunch time, it is easier to share idea and talk about work and like. From the other side, eating at restaurant is more luxury and relaxing. The way of cooking of food at restaurants is more professional then at home. Additionally, some food is made from some special meat or vegetables that require special conditions of transport and maintenance, and they are available in restaurants only like caviar or snow crab. Taking every thing into account, I believe that home cooked is better for me because of eating home is cheaper and healthier.