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    Looking for suggestions or corrections

    Hi guys. this is my application for a university and still need to check some grammar details. thank you for reading and all help will be appreciate.

    Business Administration

    • Importance to learn the international business perspective
    • The preparation to be a leader and not a boss
    • The different branches for specialization
    • Learning of management tool to use in HR and decision making
    • The advantage to understand how a company works


    • Learning more about the impact decisions have on the firm, industry, and national level.
    • Importance understand and spot secondary effects and possible unintended consequences
    • The option of various Subfields of study
    • Application of the studies at personal level
    • The wide range of application in public and private companies.

    What kind of field are you planning to study in Japan?

    Nowadays, I’m studying the field of Business and finance. In this field Ive been taught how the accounting and legal departments actually works. This knowledge let me face different situations that may present.
    But, only understand how these departments’ function doesn’t give me the entire view of the business. Therefore I’m looking to complement my business perspective.
    The importance to complement my current field with the field of Business administration is the approaches used in management theory, human resources, and decision-making and consequently this field show the bases of how to be a good business leader.

    What kind of impression do you have of Japan?
    Japan has emerged as an important nation because its people have shown strong and able to cope with the adversities that arise and also to be able to adapt to constant changes and how they use it in their favor without forgetting its roots.
    In short, for me Japan is a nation strong and competitive which has grown up, thanks to its ability to predict future trends and thus be prepared for when they arise.

    Description of the desired employment to be taken up after returning home.

    More than a desired job, what I have is a career plan. So when u return to Mexico I will seek for the opportunity to worked in an audit firm such as PwC, Deloitte, Ernest & Young and KPMG.
    My desired start in the audit firms are in the financial area in which I’ll perform as a financial auditor here I’ll work with a team developing audit projects and work directly with the customer. During this first stage I will study a master's degree in finance to prepare even more for my current position and likewise for the next stage.
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