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Thread: A questionnnn

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    Wink A questionnnn

    Hi, I´m from Argentina y I´m learning English and I arise a doubt, for example: I "was" born... Why in this sentence has "was" if is past simple?

    Thank you for answer me!!!

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    Re: A questionnnn


    Welcome to UsingEnglish.

    "Question" is not spelt as "questionnnn". Please adhere to the proper spelling of words.

    As for your question, see this entry from Practical English Usage by M. Swan:
    108 born and borne
    1 be born
    To talk about coming into the world at birth, we use the passive expression
    to be born.
    Hundreds of children are born deaf every year.
    To give a place or date of birth, we use the simple past: was/were born.
    I was born in 1936. (NOT I am born in 1936.)
    My parents were born in Scotland.
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