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    Dear teacher,
    I have two questions for you:

    1. What does "stretto-wangler" mean in the following paragraph? (Maybe it is a professional music term, though in that case I don't know the meaning either):

    He has joined the great democracy of the dead wherein cinema pianists lie snugly with virtuosi, john Lennon and academic stretto-wanglers.

    2. In the following paragraph, what is tin soldier referring to? Is there a story behind it or what? My impression was it is somehow related to a man who has a kind of feminine attitude, in other words is a sissy. Am I right? Or is it just something coming purely from the story and nothing else?

    Much of his trouble came from the fact that his voice did not break until he was 24 years old. Four years later, he finally put away his favorite tin soldiers. I donít know what became of them.


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    Re: stretto-wangler?!!

    1 I think it refers to music that is very fast and technical, but not particularly enjoyable. It could be a corruption of an expression for rock guitarists, with 'fret' changed to 'stretto' to make it classical. I am, however, guessing here.
    2 I think it means the person grew up very late. Not a feminine attitude, just an immature one.


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