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    Smile pronunciation

    Is there a rule or something about pronuncing "ed" /t/ in past tense of some irregular words such as "worked, walked, whoped, etc? Please explain.
    Many thanks!
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    Re: pronunciation

    The final –(e)d of this form is pronounced:
    /t/ after unvoiced consonants except /t/: /kIkt, stɒpt, kɒft/
    /d/ after voiced consonants except /d/, vowels and diphthongs: /hʌgd, lIvd, friːd, pleId/
    /Id/ (or /əd/) after /t, d/: /wɒntId, wɒntǝd; niːd Id, niːdǝd/

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    Re: pronunciation

    Celtaflorida, please remember to make the titles of your threads specific. When you are posting in the forum entitled "Pronunciation and Phonetics", it is obvious that you are asking about pronunciation. Please make it clear in the title the pronunciation of what you are asking about.

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