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    what does „blow my wheels” mean here?

    The source is again Iceberg Slim’s PIMP – The story of my life

    My question is what does „blow my wheels” mean in the following section?

    „His top was blown, he shouted: „N***er, ain’t you got no sense?! You trying to go back to the joint and blow my wheels?” I said „What did I do wrong? All I did was to offer the „C” just to be sociable”

    Iceberg and an older pimp are sitting in the older pimp’s car. Iceberg turned to him to ask for his advice. At first the old pimp appeared to be cruel and unwilling to help. Therefore Iceberg offered him a little pack of cocaine. But the old pimp became extremely angry, and started to shout at Iceberg because bringing cocaine into the car was a silly and dangerous act. The section contains the words of the old pimp.

    (Later there is a hint that any car in which the police finds drug can be confiscated, thus „blow my wheels” here may mean to „make me lose my car” because of the confiscation –but I’m not sure)

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    Re: what does „blow my wheels” mean here?

    I think you're probably right.


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