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    Post Reasons of bad grades in ENG103 course

    Dear all ....this is my first essay that base on "Bad grades in a course" and hope you help me by finding any mistake.And also i will get a better essay than it.......Thank you.

    Education is the backbone of a nation. For better education, we have to admit in good educational institutions. As a student of X University, I am menssioning that the courses that we take is not so easy to accomplish the course. By the way, Eng103 is our compulsory course in our university and it is not so easy task for the student. For that, grade can be bad. Causes of bad grade in Eng103 are, class participation, practice and work.

    Firstly, class participation is the main things for better learning. If a student miss one class, he cannot cover that task which given by faculty. So, regular attended in class addressing a student as good. Eng103 classes are very important for the leaner. So, good or bad grade depends on regular class participation basically in Eng103. But student are not serious about class attendance. As a result, bad grade comes for that.

    Secondly, by practising more and more a student must improve in any courses. For better result in Eng103 you must read at home and have to do a lot of study. Faculty always gives us slides for work for better learn and practice. Those students don not do that the point dictated by faculty and grade will be not good. So practising in class and at home can bear good grade.

    At last, working hard is the key to success. In Eng103 is a hard course and those are not work hard they have to face bad grade. Home journal, class work and quiz are very important in this course. So, students have to do a lot of work in class or at home. Also, in this course has presentation part. Every part of this course remains mark. Without working hard a student cannot gain good result.

    Above all, most of the students are serious about this course. Good result bear better future. Main reasons of bad grade in Eng103 for not attend in regular class, practising and not much work for this course .

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    Re: Reasons of bad grades in ENG103 course

    Welcome to the forums.
    I'm sorry, but we cannot help correct your essay before you turn it in. If your teacher marks part as incorrect and you don't understand why, we can help you.

    If you have a single sentence you are not sure about, or a word choice, we can help you with that.

    But we cannot edit an entire essay. It's important for your teacher to know what you can do, not what we can do.

    However, I can tell you a few things without violating this policy.
    1) I can't tell if this is advice you are giving people so they do well in this course, or an explanation of why you did not do well. If it's advice, then I suggest you make it positive: How do to well, not how to avoid a bad grade.
    2) Check your spelling. Your teacher should be able to help you with your grammar issues, but he or she should not have to tell you that "menssioning" is misspelled.
    I'm not a teacher, but I write for a living. Please don't ask me about 2nd conditionals, but I'm a safe bet for what reads well in (American) English.

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