Dear ladies and gentle men,
could you please help proof read my motivation letter. Thank you for considering my request.

I am fascinated with joy and enthusiasm to be a prospective student of the department of philosophy, University of London international programme.

A glance at my past academic pursuit, after graduating from secondary school education, I gained admission to the University of the Nations where I obtained an Associate of Arts degree in Theology. During my studies, I learnt about how philosophers aided the development of the modern Western nations; also learnt is the need for the use of philosophical methodology in assessing issues that today’s world is confronted with.

I have since (during and after my studies) being working with a non- governmental organization in Zurich, Switzerland. My area of job description covers: caring for the homeless, immigrants as well as the elderly people.

My current job description, having to do with social work, and my constant encounter with people who are mostly in search for ‘meaning’ just as I do, drives me to want to study philosophy; more so, to aid growth and to improve my grasp on the art of leaving; to gain a better understanding about myself and the world around me.

My professional goal is to take part in the transformation process of my home country. My country is in dire need of individuals with clarity of thought, advanced communication skills, breadth of vision, abilities to think critically, creatively, and analytical and interpretive capacities. I believe that the intellectual rigor I will develop will enable me to possess the above mentioned.

I am sure that by choosing the University of London international programme, my motivational reasons for wanting to study Philosophy, as stated above will be met.

Thank you so much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

Kind regards,