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Thread: Please Don't

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    Please Don't

    I found my way here when I Googled a sentence from an essay that I suspected was copied......

    I discovered it was copied from this section of this forum.

    Students, you learn little or nothing by copying.

    Please, please, please don't.

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    Re: Please Don't

    Good morning,

    Please see Announcements - Ask a Teacher. It is the policy of this forum to let students know that they should post questions on their assignments once they have been submitted and corrected, if there is anything in the corection which they find difficult to undertand.

    Any time there is suspicion of a sentence, paragraph or full text being homework still to be turned in, the poster is reminded of this policy.

    However, given the amount of posts, people involved and number of different "rooms" where students can post, the task is sometimes close to impossible; so there are some students who find their way to cheating counting on other people's good will and the assumption that the student is following the rules.

    Thank you for your post. Feel free to post your own contributions to questions posted, if you have the time.


    PS: Please excuse me for not welcoming you to the Forums!
    Please be aware that I'm neither a native English speaker nor a teacher.


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