I have just written a short essay. I would like the teachers( or any members) to tell me how much mark they would award for this work.

The Copyright Bill 2012

The Copyright Bill 2012 has come to provide the dues of the creators which have been deprived of so far. The Bill makes it mandatory to give the dues to original creators when each and every time their creations are published or telecast. The Bill probhits the copying of the work for first five years of original creation.Until now, the original creators were not given the deserved loyalty for their work. This bill intends to solve that problem.

The Bill also enables the visually impaired printers to convert the books into audio, display etc. formats to make them useful for the people with print disabilities. Since the visually impaired printing is not a big target with respect to profit, their copyright owners take a little interests in giving the licences leave alone converting it by themselves. The visually impaired people have access only to 0.5% of total materials that available to others. This reduces the employment opportunities of them because they cannot gain knowledge by using free reference materials. That disadvantage always puts them at the lagging position. The bill is intended to overcome these problem.