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    Pronunciation of "toady": /əʊ/ vs /oʊ/

    Dear Teachers

    I come up with the pronunciation of "toady" in Cambridge dictionary website toady noun - definition in British English Dictionary & Thesaurus - Cambridge Dictionary Online. The first syllable is /əʊ/ for UK pronunciation and /oʊ/ for US. But what the difference in the sound?


    /ˈtəʊ.di//ˈtoʊ-/ [C] disapproving

    When I look up the phonetic symbol table in this link Glossary of Linguistic Terms n-z (attached photo), there is no /oʊ/. So how is /oʊ/ pronounced?

    Please advise.


    Anthony the learner

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    Re: Pronunciation of "toady": /əʊ/ vs /oʊ/

    I believe ɒʊ would be an alternative way to write the American diphthong.

    The o inis really an ɒ (as in 'hot'). The southern British (RP) diphthong əʊ starts with a more relaxed schwa ə before moving to ʊ. Whereas the American diphthong or ɒʊ starts with a more rounded mouth sound - ɒ - before the ʊ.

    To my British ears the two recordings on the Cambridge page have very similar sounding vowels anyway. There actually seems more difference between the 'd' sounds!

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