Hi, I'm a international student in US. Now I want to transfer from Chemical engineering to computer science, and I write the PS to explain why I want to change my major.

English isn't my first language, so some sentence may read weird.

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After four-yearís study, I realized that theoretical knowledge wasnít enough, because Iíd like to apply the knowledge instead of doing research. For instance, I did experiments in lab, from those experiments I know how to synthetise a kind of polymer, but I didnít know how to produce it for lacking of the knowledge about how to design the process and the reactor. So I thought I should learn some practical skills and I applied to the department of Chemical Engineering in XXX.

After one semesterís study in XXX, I found the knowledge of computer science is important in engineering. For example, I took the course: Chemical Reaction Engineering which is the core course of Chemical Engineering. The key part of the course is using the Matlab to model different reactors and calculate the changing of parameters (e.g. concentration of reactants during the process). Also, by talking with classmates and professors, I know that, in practice, database is used for managing the warehouse in factory and CAD is used to design required reactors, and in lab, Fortran is used to work with the experimental data. So I thought computer science is the key to apply what Iíve learned.

On the other hand, during my study, I enjoy programming (e.g. modeling reactor and reaction process), so I feel I have more interest in programming rather than deducing the theoretical formulas in Thermodynamic or Transport Phenomenon. For that reason, I plan to change my major to computer science. In the future, I plan to use my knowledge of database to manage corporate data and program the required software to solve engineering problem.