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    Question intensive and the extensive verbs ?

    what"s the intensive and the extensive verbs ? can you give me examples about them ....
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    Re: intensive and the extensive verbs ?

    If the word or phrase following a verb is a noun, a preposition or an adjective and it tells us something about the subject of the sentence, then that sentence's verb is called "intensive":

    (a) Max became a doctor. (noun)
    => "a doctor" tells us who Max is.

    (b) The cat is in the kitchen. (preposition)
    => "in the kitchen" tells us where the cat is located.

    (c) Sam seems happy. (adjective)
    => "happy" describes Sam's state of being.

    Note, "intensive" means, to cover a fixed area (similar to agricultural term "intensive farming" i.e., to work the same, fix plot of land), whereas "extensive" means, to cover a wider area.

    Intensive verbs are concentrated to one, fixed structure. Words or phrases following an intensive verb function as subject complements; i.e., they complement the subject (they tell us about the subject), they work with the subject, not the verb.

    Extensive verbs are not concentrated to a fixed structure. Words or phrases following an extensive verb function as the verb's object; they work with the verb, not the subject.

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