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    holy sh**

    i always see people put "holy shit" in thier blogs..
    what's the meaning of it? is that a bad word

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    Re: holy sh**

    It's just a rude expression of surprise or shock. It would offend many religious people, but blasphemy is quite widely used.

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    Re: holy sh**

    thank you ~

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    Talking Re: holy sh**

    We also have (in the US):
    holy cow!
    holy Toledo ! (No, I have NO idea how Toledo Ohio earned this place in American slang. It does sound good, though.)
    holy crap !
    holy Mother of God ! (Very sacrilegious)
    ex-US-President Harry Truman was known for this one when he got his dander up: "Jesus Christ and General Jackson !!!!" (Referring to General Andy Jackson, who had quite an ego, thereby HST was creating some irony by including his name along with Jesus Christ.)
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