It is the responsibility of a university to accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.
There is no difference between a male and a female.
Infact, nowaday's girl's are achieving many thing's than the boy's do.I believe no one should be discriminated. In today's world a man alone cannot take care of his family,the women should equally work to stand up a family.If the universities concentration is only on the maale students what would the life of a female student be after 10 years.
In the future a student cannot be abused,blamed or make her feel she is not educated as that of her husband.Both male and female should be taught equally. So that they can share their knowledge.
People are born physically and intellectually different.Every student hav their own interest's in different and various fields.
There are many girl's who find their interest in Marine Engineering. Even though it is a bit tough for a girl to enter such field, as her interest it is the responsibility to allow her to gain the knowledge in her desired subject.
The first thing a universitiy should do, is to, know what a student wants to do and should be taught according to his or her needs.
my point is both male and female student's should be allowed to gain knowledge in the subject the like.