Hello...please help me write a letter to the Principal of a college regarding late submission of the transfer certificate.
I have written a letter...would you please rectify the mistakes and tell me how to write a fine letter.


The Principal,
Name and Address of the college.

Dear Sir,

I m thankful that I have got an admission in your college. I have submitted the fees and all my original certificates except the transfer certificate. I have taken the application form for the transfer certificate from your college and have submitted it in my previous college from where I completed my graduation on 16th July 2012 (I have enclosed the receipt.). The person in charge told me that the college would internally transfer the “transfer certificate” in 15 days time. The last date of submitting the certificate in your college is 25th July 2012. I won't be able to submit the certificate in time. I request you to please consider my problem.

Thank you.