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    Its a video game, called Gun taking place in the wild west in 1880. Situation is some people are in the jail and the guard comes and says: Lacy from the HJ sent over some chicken for your last meal, but I'm afraid there isn't much left. Besides, you don't wanna sh*t yourselves when you swing from that tree tomorrow.

    So wtf is that HJ? If it's supposed to have a meaning to the average person... It means Hitler Jugend, and every result on google is about that. So I don't really know where to ask of find the answer... maybe you can help.

    (and a short last question: "there isn't much left" what do you think? is it about the food or the time util they are dead? i think its about the food)

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    Re: Hj...

    It doesn't have a standard meaning to me, so I'd guess it's something like the saloon or hotel in the town in the game.

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    Re: Hj...

    Thanks, i suspected this but i couldn't be sure :D


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