Hi all,

I am writing an article for my institute and I have posted it here in three paragraph. This below is the last paragraph for your valuable corrections

I was so excited when I got classes at Isis parenting to teach prenatal yoga (PNY) and mom and baby yoga (MBY) classes. MBY were totally new classes for my yoga carrier. I was allowed to observe a few MBY classes. I was amazed to see that the same concept(this I have explained in first two paragraph) been used at Isis. The moms were free to walk to comfort the fussy baby, feed their baby or change their diapers. I used all my own experienced with my daughter into theses classes. My regular client tells that their baby take a longer nap after the class as their babies are fully alert and playful during the class. Moms also feel stretched and satisfied involving their baby with their yoga regime. The moms can have their baby sleeping or alert during the class. The baby can play with its toys or participate with its mom depending upon its mood. In all cases I could see so much satisfaction on momís face and they do so well in holding any of the yoga poses for longer. Sometimes they are so much involved with their babyís that they donít realize itís the time to switch the side or switch the posture itself. That is what yoga all about enjoying the pose rather feeling stress to hold any pose.