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    Red face preconceived notionts of the context?

    Again, the following sentences are from the story " The minset of health",which deals with the relationship between psychological attitude and health.

    A. if we automatically accept preconceived notions of the context of a particular situation, we can jeopardize the body's ability to handle that situation.
    1. what does it mean by preconceived notion of the context of a particular situation? And what is the difference between the context and a particular situation?

    2.we need to place our perceptions intentionally, that is, mindfully in a different context. what does it mean? Especially, what does it mean by context?

    3.Context can be so poweful that influences our needs. what does it mean?

    4.[B]A wide body of recent research/B]has been devoted....... what does it mean by a wide body of recent research?

    5. since context is something we can control, the clarification of these links between psychology and illness is good news. what does the sentence mean? especailly what does it mean by good news?

    6.Lastly, Diseases that were once thought to be purely psychological and probably incurable may be more amenable to personal control that we once beleived. what does it mean by be more amenable to personal control??

    I am looking forward to seeing your explanation, which is always a great help for me. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: preconceived notionts of the context?

    1- If we acept fixed ideas about a particular health situation, then we can have a negative impact on the body's ability to deal with it. If say, we assume that a certain illness will inevitably be fatal, then our body might be less able to fight the disease because we are expecting to lose.
    2- We need to break away from the fixed, preconceived ideas and move into fresh territory.
    3- Looks a bit incomplete, but the envirnment we are in will have an effect on our requirements.
    4- There has been a lot of research covering a lot of different areas, rather than concentrating on a small focus.
    5- The fact that the link between psychology and health has been made clear means that we are able to use this to our advantage by working on the envirnment around us to help improve our fight against illness
    6- It simply means that we can control or have some infleuence on these illnesss rather than being passive sufferers.

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