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    Post Vacancy Could Happen


    "On June 2, Justice C. Ian McLachlan turned 70 and retired as required by law from the Connecticut Supreme Court. Justice Lubbie Harper Jr. and Senior Associate Justice Flemming L. Norcott Jr. will retire in the next 16 months. The last time so many vacancies happened in such short order was from 1991 to1993, when Justice T. Clark Hull, Justice David Shea, and Justice Robert Glass all turned 70 and Justice Alfred Covello became a federal district judge."

    Could "happen" be used to mean "become available"? Like:

    "A vacancy happened."
    "A vacancy became available."
    "A job opening happened."
    "A job opening became available."
    "A position happened."
    "A position became available."

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    Re: Vacancy Could Happen

    There is no need to post a new thread. Just provide the context on the original thread.

    In this context, you would not describe a vacancy on a court as a "job opening."

    A vacancy happens. A vacancy does not become available.

    Positions become available. They don't happen.

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