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    Unhappy minor royal family?

    Hello! Again I have long questions.

    1. what does it men by Minor royal family?

    2. The pieces would soon wind up strewn around the kitchen.
    As far as I know, after preposition verb+ing form is follwed. but here in this sentence, I see wind up strewn. is it right form?

    3. You can frame your questions as those of a frightened patient.
    what does this sentence,especailly frame your questions mean?

    The following sentences are from the story, which is about what makes a child prodigy?

    4. Asia produces more than its shares of the superprecocious.

    5. Neuroscientists have learned more about human gray matter in the past 10 years than in all of previous medical history combined.
    here what does it mean by human gray matter?

    6. Frontal lobes believed to play a crucial executive role in coordinating thoughts and improving... what is the meaning of exective here in this sentence?

    7. Not only do math-gifted kids have high intellectual potential, but this power is also fine-tuned by frontal areas that enhance concentration. These kids are really locked on.-- what is the meaning of fine-tuned? and what does the underlined sentence mean?

    8. He believes prodigies also can switch very efficiently between the brain’s left and right hemisphere, utilizing other mental resources and perhaps even shutting down areas that produce random distraction.

    9. can you rephrase this sentence and especially what is the meaning of mental resource?

    10. Is the management of mental resources something that can be developed? what does the underlined part mean?

    11. Raw intelligence.????

    12. The connection between high intelligence and prodigious behaviors is far from absolute. what does it mean by far from absolute?

    13. If their child shows talent, they will pull out all the stops to make sure it is encouraged. what is the meaning of pull out all the stop?

    Sorry for such long questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: minor royal family?

    Minor = unimportant It could be an unimportant member or an unimportant family- here it's the family that aren't important
    2- Its correct- it's an adjective describing the end result
    3- Make your questions resemble those of a frightened patient- role play
    5- gray matter = brain
    6- important and exclusive, managerial
    7- fine tuning = the small but crucial changes needed for accuracy locked on = focused
    8- mental resources = they can use other aspects of the brain, ones that ordinary people might not be able to use
    10- being able to control parts of the brain, make the brain work the way you want it to
    11- raw = not affected by education, etc- what you're born with
    12- if it were absolute, all prodigies would be highly intelligent, but this is not the case- intelligence is not a defining characteristic of being a prodigy
    13- do everything they can

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