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Task 2:
It is right that university graduates should earn more money than less well educated people, but they should pay the full cost of their education.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
you should write at least 250 words.

My answer 40 mins:

The income of every single person depends on his own skills and knowledge, accordingly when someone graduates from University he gains new knowledge, which will give him the capability to receive higher income than high school graduates. But in return University graduates are supposed to pay in return for the information they gained throughout their education.

When we take a close look on any of the University graduates, we can see that they gave few years out of their time just to get graduated, the graduate was able to invest those years on any job that does not require high education, and he was going to be able to gain a suitable amount of money and to enjoy the best years of his life as well. Furthermore, University students needs to go through several exams, resulting in a lot of stress and pressure during the exam time, for example, an engineering student got a nervous breakdown while he was discussing his graduation project with his tutor.

When we compare all of those obstacles to the skills and knowledge gained by university graduate, we will find that it is almost nothing, as he was just helping himself. The University gave the graduate education, knowledge and in some occasions work experience, while the graduate gave away nothing in return. In addition the Universities needs to cover their own expenses. As a result when the university asks for the cost of its education we should comply without arguing.

To sum up the ideas, University graduates sacrificed their time and effort to get their certificates, while universities spent money and wasted their facilities on teaching students an optional knowledge and skills. So I totally agree that university graduates are supposed to get higher wages and to pay for the education they got.