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    how to combat vandalism

    How to Combat Vandalism
    Currently there are two possible policies to combat vandalism—the crime of destroying or damaging something especially public property deliberately and for no good reason. The first step is informing people about vandals and their characteristics. It can include types of them and statistics of their damages. This can be illustrated by bus vandalism —including sliced seats, badly marred windows, broken hand rails, unsightly graffiti and more – creates fear and a perception of danger which explains that money spend on reconstruction can be otherwise use to restore bus routes and other services that have been cut for lack of funds. The next step is instituting a high profile crackdown on vandalism with forceful prosecutions and stiff penalties upon conviction. Aggressive law enforcement followed by vigorous prosecution will send a strong message that destruction of public property will not be tolerated. It is a crime with fines and/or incarceration.

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    Re: how to combat vandalism

    You say there are two policies, but then you go on to say the first step and the next step. If they are steps, then they are really part of the same policy.


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