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    Grammar books

    I'm looking for an advanced grammar book with exercises. I'm a native English speaker and I have a basic grasp of grammar but I would like to be able to improve my knowledge and have the ability to deconstruct sentences.Can anybody recommend some books.

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    Re: Grammar books

    Not a teacher!

    As a student of English I can highly recommend Raymond Murphy's 'English Grammar in Use'. This book is for self-studying. Every chapter consists of one page of explanations followed by one page with exercises and the correct answers are printed in the back of the book.

    If you want to go the full monty you could get yourself a copy of Michael Swan's 'Practical English Usage'. There are no exercises in this book. In fact, this is a reference book aimed at foreign students of English. But I am sure even a native speaker of English can have hours of fun browsing through the book.


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