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    anachronism in medicine today??

    The following sentences are from the story "sales of kidnyes prompt new laws and debate" and again i need your help to understand the meaning exactly.
    1. If paying seems wrong, it may nevertheless be preferable to accepting the suffering and death of patients who cannot otherwise obtain transplant.-- what does the underlined part imply? can you rephrases it ?

    2.But most admit the system was hardly foolproof.- what does this sentence mean?

    3.the buyer may well be paying to survive. what does this sentene mean? And may well is an idiom? if so, what does it mean by may well?

    3.This is not to suggest that a monetary value can be placed on human life or on life-saving organs.-what does it mean?

    looking forward to your reply and as always thanks!

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    Re: anachronism in medicine today??

    1- It may be better than letting someone die
    2- it has flaws
    3- may well = very probably
    4- You can't value a life in money terms

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