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    What are your earliest memories of your mentor?

    What do you guys think about this sentences. Does it flow well when integrating with facts?

    " My earliest memory of my mother is when she walked with my younger brother and me to kindergarten every single day and when there was heavy gust of wind or snow she always goes in front of us to shield us from it while holding our hands firmly. She raised two children and her children always came first. Memory is an odd thing; since what point do we begin to forget the memories of babyhood? The reason I remember my earliest experience with my mother is that in the past, my mother usually performs most of the child care. Statistically, only 30%-40% or men do the household task. However, she is also employed which leads to my mother having a healthier lifestyle in contrast to non-employed women like my aunt (house wife). Basically, from what I seen in my earliest memories my mother conduct herself really well by taking care of the household duty and being employed at a stable job as result it made her healthier. When she is healthy, she is spending more time with her son and plays tennis or jog outside. "

    Thanks in return!

    On Another note: I really like to thank the people who help me edit my previous reflection paper; I got a 100% on it! Thank you again!
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