The following is an essay with the theme of "loving our parents". Can any native teacher point out some unnatural mistakes for me.


This cartoon shows that many teenagers know their own, their friends’ and even their idols’ birthdays very well.When asked about their parents’ birthdays, none can give a correct answer. This picture just presents us with an extreme example to be sure, but it is not unusual nowadays to hear that some of us ignore the love for our parents. Much as parents sacrifice to bring us up, seldom do we spare a moment to reflect on what we can do for them. Isn’t it unforgivable?

From my point of view, we should show our love for our parents by keeping their birthdays in mind first. A self-made gift is more desirable on that occasion. Also, it’s important to communicate with parents from time to time, which helps to bridge the gap between us. Above all,we shouldn’t take our parents’ love for granted and we ought to remember to love them as much as we will to our friends.