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    Is there such a thing as a "video article"

    I've been using the term "video article" in my lesson reports for quite some time now. Recently, however, my training manager said that this term is a lexical mistake. I disagree. My thinking is that an article may be in written form OR in video form, hence "video article". Am I right or should I concede to my training manager that indeed the term I've been using is a lexical mistake?

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    Re: Is there such a thing as a "video article"

    Hi and welcome ,

    Please be patient. You needn't post the same question twice within 30 minutes to get it answered. With this attitude, you are likely to obtain no answers.

    Please be aware that I'm neither a native English speaker nor a teacher.

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    Re: Is there such a thing as a "video article"

    Firstly, it might be a good idea to agree with your manager regardless of the rights and wrongs. It sounds a bit odd to me and I wouldn't use it, but I wouldn't call it a lexical mistake.

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