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TOPIC: A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

Expressing his opinion on education and school, Mark Twain, one of the greatest American writers, once stated “I’ve never let my school interfere with my education.” Those who cherish Mark Twain’s idea would likely agree that a requirement for an identical curriculum for all national students before they enter universities is unfounded. Being a supporter, I believe that students prefer a more flexible and distinct curriculum as it is a better studying motivation and an adequate preparation for their higher education.

First, uniform curriculums should not be required because its incompatibility with local features of different areas will directly demotivates students. Take students with specific geographic conditions as an example. Mountainous students are likely to show interest in the exploration of their local forests, flora and fauna while those living in coastal cities are keen on the ocean biodiversity discovery. Both groups would possibly find a typical curriculum tedious if asked to learn about land and marine plants and animals superficially. Another example shows that compared to rural students, urban school goers have better access to modern technology, like computers and the Internet. The former will have to face a big challenge when required by the national curricular to study up-to-date subjects without such educational aids. As a result and in all likelihood, consistent syllabuses applied nationwide will lead to demotivation among students.

Second, in consequence of their limited foundation, compulsory standardized programs will fail to provide students with good preparation for their future specialized training. Such a program built only on a fundamental of basic subjects and tending to disregard personal abilities could only support student with general knowledge. Then high school students will be pushed to spend time on too many irrelevant subjects, making it impossible for them to get prepared for the challenging college entrance exam. Furthermore, the reality shows that general information collected during high school are mostly forgotten and/ or will become useless for undergraduates or employees. Apparently, it demonstrates that uniform programs appear to be an obstacle hindering the students’ preparation for their higher education.

Many would argue that an identical curriculum is essential just as teachers need an indicator for their teaching and just as nationwide consistent programs are necessary in national education management. However, tailor-made curricula are far more advantageous than the regulated ones. Such new ones do not only facilitate students with their local and sociological advantages but also improve preparation for speciality education in their future.

In conclusion, it is not a good option to require all national students to follow a core curriculum up to their entering college. National educational syllabuses could either demotivate or restrain students due to programs’ limitation and inflexibility. As long as there is a mandatory teaching framework, a tailor-made curriculum for individual local schools could prove more effective in terms of promoting students’ abilities and motivation.