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    Monday-morning quarterback

    1. Does a Monday-morning quarterback make a mistake, knowing it is wrong, or just realize it after the event?
    2. Do you know the origin of Monday-morning quarterback? Is it related to American football?
    3. "explanation is a prediction" doesn't seem to make sense as prediction is for the future. So here, does it refer to finished or late prediction?

    ex)It has been said that historians predict the past. This may sound odd, but predicting the past is actually a common and important activity. You've probably heard the expression, "Monday-moning quarterback," and it refers to a person who second-guesses, someone who decides how something should have been done. Suppose, for example, that you're taking an exam in your English class and you work for quite a while on the essay and then turn to the multiple-choice questions. If the time ends before you can finish, then you see that you should have answered the multiple-choice questions first....When you decide that you couldn't finish the exam because you started with the wrong question, you aren't just repeating the past; you're explaining it and the explanation is a prediction.
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