I need to write to the Cricket Board of my country asking if we could place confetti machines n do some branding.
I have drafted the letter here.. Pls correct if I wrong..

I will writing the below mention in the body of an e-mail
We are writing to the Cricket Board on bhalf of our Client

Dear Sir/Madam,

Referring to the upcoming (Name of Match) which is to be held in (country ), we would be grateful if you could provide permit for the following event organizing:

Confetti Machines
Confetti Machines to be placed on the boundary lines of the ground which
will fire out the ‘papertweetos’ /’papermessages’ as the cricket players walk onto the field.
(Machines will be bought to the ground by us)

Branding -
· Banners at the Entrance,
· A boards & A board LED screen(Client logo),
· Hoarding facing ground,
· 4, 6 boundary cards(1side-client logo, 1 side 4& 6),
· double side flags(1 side-client logo, 1 side-country flag),
· ‘Client logo’ branding on the ground,
· laser lights(client logo) on sky,
· Sign panels(client logo) on pavilions,

If the above 2(machine & branding) is allowed at the grounds, kindly let us know the rates per day at each of the cricket grounds

Thank You,