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    I need you guys help!~

    I am a chinese student.And write a essay,I know there are lot of problems in my essay.
    So,I hope you guys can help me improve it,Thanks!!!

    Here is my essay:

    Every country have their own history and cultures. therefore every country’s civilization is different.Because we live on earth together as human beings,There are almost have some similarities between those two country. Therefore,the education systems of each countries have similarities but also have the differences as well. This essay will talk about the Chinese education system compare to the Irish education system

    Firstly,All Irish children between six to fifteen have to go to school. Similarly,all Chinese children must get nine-year compulsory education. Secondly There are two levels in Irish education system.First level covers the age from six to twelve,like Chinese Primary Schools. What is more,The teaching ways are very flexible in this eight years. Children will learn many subjects in this level. In Chinese Primary Schools,Kids also will learn a broad range of subjects. old-fashioned teaching methods are used,that is teacher only tell the student what is right and wrong, student only needs to remember. Both Chinese and Irish education system do not have the formal examination by the end of the semester in this period.

    When Primary School is finished, Irish student will go to secondary education keep study. Firstly in Irish, the secondary education includes three-year junior cycle and two or three-year senior cycle. The Third year of senior cycle is focused on interpersonal development and experiential learning. There are four kinds of schools, which are secondary, vocational, comprehensive and community schools. Compare with China, the difference is there is three-year junior cycle and three-year senior cycle just focused on academic and vocational subjects and only has two types of schools, which is secondary and vocational schools. In China, the vocational school is only for senior student. For Irish school, the difference between China is all Irish school will provide a big range of academic and vocational subjects, but in china the secondary school only provides academic subjects and vocational school provides academic and vocational subjects.

    Both China and Ireland have a Junior high school graduation test by the end of the three-year junior cycle, also student get Junior Certificate is around fifteen years old. Furthermore Ireland has three ways to get a Leaving Certificate. There are three types of Certificate, which are The Leaving Certificate The Leaving Certificate Vocational Program (LCVP) and The Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA). The most students choose Leaving Certificate because it is the foundation to go to higher education. The LCVP is for vocational student. The LCA is an offer to student who wants to get ready for their working life. Contrarily, If you want to have a Leaving Certificate in Chinese education system, you have to pass all the senior high school graduation exams. And if you want to have an offer for higher education, you must have a high mark in college entrance examination which is Chinese year twelve final exam. Because China have a huge Population, that means the competition between each students are larger than Irish. Because in each year, almost ten millions students want to go to higher education, but University has limited resources.

    In Irish, ALL primary school is free. But in China, private primary school is charge. And private primary school better than free one. Most post primary school in China and Irish is free but private school is still charge. in addition, The Irish higher education do not have to Pay tuition fee but do have to pay a registration fee each year. It is very expensive fee, So many student choose to work after they have The Leaving Certificate. When they earn enough money, they will enroll in university and back to study. In China, There are also lots of poor family cannot pay the bill for higher education study, and the only choices for them is to work. But most of them will not get enroll and study in school anymore.

    Overall, Education System between Chinese and Irish has lots of Similarities and differences. They can learn from each other in different areas and improve their education system.
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