Chieldhood has an important role to personality's development, so that is crucial for what adults will turn to be as person and citizen. Every time we move our conscience to past, we see how dealing with moral and ethics points as children could led us to making [ or ''led us making''??] our decisions now. Is is a good mnemonic practice [ ''practice to look''??] look at old photographies and project ourselves at those instants we had took them [''at those instants we had took them'' is awkard ??;] it creates a mixture of what was our state of consciousness and to what has changed.

Facing statistic data, it is clear that illicit actions commitment, present health condition, and economic standards are extremely connected with important facts of one's chieldhood. Knowing this, changes from public politics to personal mentality may priorize formal and family education, regarding it the best solution for, maybe, all social prejudices. This fact can easily be concluded, for example, when ocurred researchs about ghetto population in Brazil, one of the most violent countries in the world. An armed boy who worked as guns and drugs' trafficant, had been interview, revealed that his profession was inspired by great thieves with whom he had been in touch, including his father. More chocking than his speech was the relaxed expression he made for the cameras.

Through such experience, we comprove, in adition, how could someone be involved with ideologic crimes, and altruistic suicide - as Durkhein classified those commited in the name of social security -; in other words, psychopath realizations. Being in line, equaly, with documented data from 2012; a man living at Rio de Janeiro, Realengo, went to his old school, in a morning, and killed half of a third grade class with shots, before he had committed his own death in the same manner. The worst part was the justification of the incident he wrote in a notebook: a revenge for chieldhood's bullying he suffered when aged the same those childrens who were killed.

Concluding, the characteristics which compound children's mind propiciate both good and bad acquisitions. all depending of how they are maneuvered.