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    one of them is a duplicate

    Can I say "one of them is a duplicate"?

    We received two invoices from XXX Company. As they are for the same amount, I have a feeling that one of them is a duplicate. I have left a message asking them to clarify.

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    Re: one of them is a duplicate

    I would say that only the one you received second could be the duplicate. The first one you received is the original and the second might be a duplicate. However, it's only a duplicate if it is exactly the same as the original. Surely there is an invoice number or some other identifying mark, not just the amount owed.

    I might say "We have received two invoices from [name of company], both for £XXX. It is not clear if they are unrelated invoices or if we have been invoiced twice for the same bill."
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    Re: one of them is a duplicate

    Not a teacher!

    Yes, you can if they are both identical. Please see duplicate - Definition and pronunciation | Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary at

    Instead of duplicate invoice you could also find 'copy invoice' printed on the invoice document. Because they show the same amounts does not necessarily mean that one invoice is a duplicate of the other. I have just ordered the same goods twice from a supplier within a week. So I will receive two invoices showing the same amounts, and the same type and quantity of goods. Nevertheless, none of them is a duplicate as they are related to two different purchase orders. So, with my accountant's hat on, I would advise you to check the quantities on the invoices, invoice numbers, any purchase order references and I would ask in your own company if somebody has ordered and received the same goods twice.


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