You are studying at an international college. Ms Johnson, the Principal, has asked you to write a proposal on library facilities at the college.
180-220 words
Here is the link for this task (page 94)
Could anybody tell me if my answer corresponds with the instructions. Thank you for any help.

To Ms Johnson
I received your email regarding library facilities at the college and have given it a thorough thought.
I came to a conclusion that our library needs certain changes and improvements if we want it to become more attractive and functional. I am aware of the limited budget, however, those changes that I suggest, should not be costly.

First of all, I suggest that the opening hours are extended, at the moment the library closes too early. This is a common complaint among students. I have also noticed that at many times during the day all desks are occupied, which means there is not enough workspace. I suggest a few extra ones are added. As for the video department, most of the videos are quite old and boring, and hardly anyone ever makes any use of them. I think it is time they were replaced with some new ones. I also propose to put some English magazines in the library, at the moment there are none. I am sure that many students would be very happy if they appeared.

I hope that you take my suggestions into consideration as I believe they can contribute to changing the face of our library.

Kind regards