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    "Comes to call, close to call, rule vs. reign" might be subtle


    just recently i have met words "comes to call", often can be heard in songs or be a part of a headline. Relating to the previous, "come to call".

    I have found one in a book as :
    " Nixon saw the race as still too close to call".

    Feel , Robbie Williams
    "I know that life wont break me
    when I come to call she wont forsake me
    I’m loving angels instead"

    also a headline:
    "Dick Cheney Comes To Call"

    the second question: rule vs. reign

    " Ike(Eisenhower) had long been sensitive to suggestions that he had reigned rather than ruled."

    thanx in adv.

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    Re: "Comes to call, close to call, rule vs. reign" might be subtle

    'too close to call' = too narrow a margin to declare or discern a winner.
    'to come to call' = to visit at another's home.
    'to reign' = to hold the position of monarch
    'to rule' = to command

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