hey guys do u mind helping me to edit this letter that i will be sending to my university? i know thats is a lots of error in it.. so don't ming changing or modifying it into a micer one. i just want to thanks you guys in advance

Dear sir/mdm,

I am writing this letter sincerely hoping that you would consider accepting me into your university.

I have just completed my courses in National diploma for business management. I secured my final grade as ABB
Unfortunately the requirement is AAB but I would still hope that your university would reconsider accepting me after reading my reasons.

During my first year in my college, I have received 4merits and 5 passes for my result. As an international student I have just came to United kingdom to complete my studies, and therefore my command of English is not that grade and it has pull my result down. During my second year I put in extra afford in studying in order to improve my grades, in the end I have receive 6 distinctions and 3 pass. Even though I have score well for my second year but due to the result that I have gotten in my first year, my overall result was pull back.

I promised with all my heart and all my soul that I will continue to improve in my academic result. So please accept me into your university.

Yours sincerely