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    What does "grid-level" mean in the following?

    But most people pin their hopes on the creation of large amounts of local, grid-level storage capable of "firming" or "time shifting" energy---that is, collecting energy during the day and releasing it at night.

    And does "storage" there refer to "storage facility" or "storage capacity"?
    And is "stabilizing" possible as an alternative word to "firming" in the context? What does "firming" mean?

    Thank you.

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    Re: grid-level

    On the electric grid. They are talking about the electric grid being able to store energy, or "time shift" it. There's lots of solar power during the day. Not so much later. Wind turbines work when the wind blows, but not when it's really hot and oppressive and people want their A/C.

    On the other hand, with conventional electric generation there is lots of excess capacity when people are sleeping but not when everyone is running their offices and factories (and dishwashers and clothes dryers) during the day.

    They want to create the ability to store energy. This would probably involve facilities, but it surely involves the capacity.

    "Firming" seems to be some sort of jargon here, which is why they explain it as "time shifting."

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