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    should there be a definite article in front of "part&qu

    Turkey a part of Europe.
    Turkey is a part of Europe.

    Is the article "a" necessary or not ?
    Some one claimed that "a" should be used only if there is an adjective
    in front of the word "part" : e.g. Turkey is an important part of Europe.

    (I left a similar message before--at least I thought I did, but I could
    not find it when I re-enter this forum a few minutes ago. I hope this
    is not a dulplicate.)


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    indefinite article

    The indefinite article ("a, an") is not necessary there, but the verb is. :wink:

    "Turkey is a part of Europe" is perfectly fine, but so is "Turkey is part of Europe". It is a case where using the indefinite article is pretty much optional. In a sentence such as "Turkey is an important part of Europe" you definitely do need the indefinite article, but otherwise it is not necessary.


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