Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Recently,we have so many sources of news and information, so that we can not tell which one is the real one or who is telling the truth.

I disagree with the argument that massive information and news would weaken our ability to tell the truth from wrong. Admittedly, some of the information and news that we read everyday are deceived, whatever intentional or unintentional, may lead us to the wrong conclusions. Whereas it not mean people cannot tell which the real one is. It is because unlike the other animal, human being own a unique and powerful weapon----critical thinking, which can protect us from being buried by massive of information.
Critical thinking, which is supposed to be equipped by all the college students, including deduction, analyst etc. would help people to process information and news. If we arrive at some wrong conclusion base on wrong information or news, instead of accusing the publisher, we should introspect of ourselves in the first place. In 16th all the textbook gave the wrong information that the earth is the center of universe. However, Galileo, who based on observation and deduction, finally overruled the conclusion, which is prevailed nearly one hundred year, and proved that the sun is the center of universe. It demonstrates that people have the ability to skip out of wrong information and make a right one. As a matter of fact, telling the truth from wrong is a major part of job of scientists. We should not treat ourselves us passive receptacles of information and news, but proactive and enquiring creature.
What’s more, it is the variety sources itself help us to tell the truth from wrong. Why the society develop faster and faster? Mainly because we can get the information from more and more sources: newspaper, TV, internet and so on. Thus, once people find an event that being reported differently by two presses, they can compare them with each other and find the relevant information though the other kind of media and may reach a more critical conclusion in the end. In ancient society, the wrong theory about earth-center was prevailed for hundreds of years, partly because scientists have few channels to exchange their observation with each other.
In short, massive information and news is two edge weapon, it depends on how people process it.