Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Young people enjoy life much better than older people?

As we can see in daily life, young people and older people enjoy life in totally different way: young people prefer to try something new and exciting, such as surfing internet and go to the bar, while older people rather stay at home, stretch on the sofa and enjoy the sunshine. Whatever way they take, I believe both of them can enjoy life well. Surely because whether someone “enjoy life” is not depending on the way they take, but what feeling they would have though the activity. However, since enjoy life need money and time, I think that the older people may even enjoy life better than the young.
People can enjoy life only when they do not need to worry about their financial problem that is to say, they do not have struggle for survival. However, for most of the young people, who just graduate from the university, must face up to fierce competitive. Especially in the current economy situation, finding a job is not that easy. Young people need to worry about many things in order to survival in the society. In China, because of the traditional value, young people need to buy a car, a house, and their parents need their kid when they become old. The society put a heavy burden on their shoulder. It is true that young people can accept the new way for entertainment more easily than older people, but as long as they do not have the ability to afford it, for both money and time, there is no reason to claim that the new technology will help young people enjoy life better than older people.
Unlike young people, most of people in their 40s or 50s have a stable job, at least they do not have to struggle for life as many younger people. They have more time and money than young people. The most crucial thing is that since they experience more than young people, they know more precisely what the real life is. For young people, their ability to accept new thing is a two-edge weapon: while they find more way to entertain themselves, they are also easily being confused by them. For instance, some young people who addict to computer game cannot distinguish the virtual life from real one. The enjoyable time in the virtual time leaves them with a sense of void in real life.
In my opinion, the real life is the mixture of enjoy and sorrow, only people who have been though enough experience, can they know what true life is and enjoy it better.