Please check my grammar in many sentences, and feel free to give suggestions, which make the sentence much more smooth:

1. Today, this morning, I tried to finish all my physics homework I can do because I think my teacher will praise me about that. So arrogance

2. This is my diary, and don't want to let anyone read. I'm not good at English, and I am always using google translate to write this sentence

3. In the evening this day, I have a Math class and I fear I can't pass the test. OMG, can't believe I have 80% to do that. Worrying

4. Well, now is 9:30pm and I have just come home from the Math class. I was very tired and now I just want to relax

5. Good morning, at the moment I must do the English homework and study more is chemistry. I haven't breakfast and I think I'm not hungry

6. Right now, I have just understood one thing: a good teacher doesn't make a good student. The fact that a good student makes a good teacher

7. Right now, I'm listening Born This Way album, and I think I can't stop dancing when I hear it. Very good for an album, Gaga. Love it

8. Tonight, when I am listening BTW album again, I think I will continue to be a little monster. I'm waiting for ARTPOP. You are great, my idol

9. I have nothing following and I'm okay with it. Now, I'm just thinking something about some things are happening here...

10. My house is going to be repaired tomorrow. I think it will take a month, really dirty, and I'm certainly the private will be broken

11. I have had a new physics teacher