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    Meaning of "GOOD"

    Dear native speakers,

    In the following context, what does "good" mean?

    An example of the separation between the French-influenced nobility and the English-based commoners during that time are the words veal, beef, mutton and pork. These were the elegant French names used inside the castle for such meats. But outside the castle walls the English farmers who raised and slaughtered these same animals called the livestock by good English names: calf, ox, sheep and swine.

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    Re: Meaning of "GOOD"

    Any or all of definitions 1, 3 and 4 here work.

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    Re: Meaning of "GOOD"


    Hello, haseli:

    Here is how I interpret that passage (and the word "good'):

    The French-educated nobility used elegant French names.

    The English farmers used good old English names. That is, names that had been used for centuries and that were

    familiar to the common people.


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