"By punishing murderers with the death penalty, society is also guilty of committing murder. Therefore, life in prison is a better punishment for murderers."

My essay:

The death penalty has long been one of the most controversial forms of deterrent. Many people are of the opinion that the society have committed the same crime when convicting a murderer with capital punishment, therefore a life sentence would serve much better than forcing criminals to die. From my point of view, I am against this belief for several reasons.

My first justification is that a death penalty could only be employed to hardened criminals who have done extremely serious offences and posed a major danger towards the community. In these cases, such deterrent is needed because putting them in jail could well be counter-productive. There is every likelihood that prisons for the murderers will necessitate cautious supervision and sufficient life-long supplies, which, in a long run, deteriorates the financial burden in alliance with a drain of resources and time. Furthermore, the life in cell might probably be not harsh enough to deter the offenders about the criminal acts. Otherwise, by mixing with others in jail, it is highly likely that the evildoers, in attempting to avenge, will propagate their despicable motives and encourage their fellow prisoners who serve a limited time of sentencing to re-offend once being released. Hence, the existence of treacherous murderers would exacerbate the already chaotic life in prisons

Concerning the opposing view, it is true that executing one person is a crime. However, the society should not be blamed for the death penalty for murderers. The offenders themselves have violated the legislation and threatened the lives of numerous other people, so in turn, they must face the deserved tragic consequences. The governments must put the rights and safety of the majority first. Only in cases of unforgivable sins should a capital deterrent be applied, and that is enough mercy.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the death penalty is necessary to punish dangerous murderers. Since we cannot let them live in the community nor the prisons, death might solve the problem.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thank you for paying attention.