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    [culture] What does 'maid of honor' do?

    Monica: Okay, the reason why I asked you guys out to brunch today is because I have been doing some thinking about who should be my maid of honor.

    In my country, we follows western style wedding these days though, I haven't seen this maid of honor at the wedding. Especially I haven't seen 'maid of honor speech'.

    Being a 'maid of honor' is really a honor for every woman? Isn't that annoying for some people? Does 'maid of honor' also prepare for the process of wedding? Is there any link or article about 'maid of honor situation'?

    It's very new and interesting cultural differece I think. Thank you teachers!

    BTW, Happy new year~!!

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    Re: [culture] What does 'maid of honor' do?

    The maid of honor is the chief bridesmaid, traditionally unmarried. Try here for more info:


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