It was the beginning of summer in the middle of an valley in Canada. It smelled of earthy, musty and the freshest air that could be found. The sound of water falls could be heard in the distance among the tall flowery beautiful trees that stood all around Dallas village within the valley. Dallas village was owned by self made millionaire Austin Charleston who was known for his love of paintings and animals, especially horses. Mr Charleston lived with his two grown up children, William and Rose who helped run his ranch throughout the winter while they were not at university. William never felt very close to his father since his mother died in a riding accident 10 years ago, he never talked about his wife to his children and refused to talk about her. Rose looked so much like her mum her dad mistakes and calls by her mums name which always brings tears to his eyes and tries to hide the pain from William and Rose.

Mr Charleston and his deceased wife Pearl had great friends who lived within the valley they were very close with Edward and Hannah McMahon. Hannah in-particular as she’s like a rock and still is to Austin as he still mourns his wife and misses her so much. In a lot of ways Austin looks at Hannah and sees Pearl with her sparkling big blue eyes and long curly blonde hair. Hannah also shares the same interests as Mr Charleston i.e. horse riding and painting and again he sees pearl so much. William and Rose sometimes feel Hannah was spending far too much time with there father since loosing their mother they would often ride out together among the green pastured fields and be gone for hours at a time. Mr McMahon didn’t mind the time the two was spending together after all himself and Mr Charleston were very good friends just like Hannah and Pearl was before she died in that tragic accident. Mr McMahon thought it was was very kind and thoughtful of his wife being there and supporting Austin though this time in is life.

A few months past and Mr Charleston and Hanna’s friendship continued to grow Mr Charleston's daughter Rose missed her mother dearly and despised her fathers affection for Hannah and decided to confront her father about her feelings. It wasn’t going to be easy but had to be done. It was an early Sunday morning in Dallas Valley the birds were chirping amongst the trees it was busy with horse riders trekking through the bridal paths enjoying the morning freshness. Rose woke up very early to catch her father before he met with Hannah for there morning ride out. Mr Charleston was cooking a fresh breakfast when Rose entered the kitchen. “ Smells delicious” said Rose, “sit down and join me” replied her father.

Rose sat the table whilst her farther dished out her favourite breakfast scrambled egg, sausage, bacon with peanut butter. Rose just sat with her head down not saying a word to her farther. “ Something wrong dear” her farther asked! Rose didn't want to upset her farther but she had to get it of her chest sooner rather than later as she wanted to get away for a while.

“ I need to ask you about your friendship with Hanna” asked Rose. “What’s there to ask” replied her farther. Since mum died 10 years ago