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    Someone's not buying it.

    Rachel: Hi! Well, we were just about to take off and see a movie. Oh no!
    Erin: What’s wrong?
    Rachel: Oh Phoebe, we forgot that party we have to go to.
    Phoebe: Oh no.
    Joey: (skeptical) What party?
    Phoebe and Rachel: A birthday party.
    Joey: Who’s birthday party?
    Phoebe and Rachel: Alison’s birthday party.
    Joey: (still skeptical) Oh, and how old is Alison?
    Phoebe and Rachel: 32. (Joey’s not buying it.)
    Rachel: (does a retching sound) Wait a minute! Why don’t you guys do something?!
    Joey: (still skeptical) Yeah, look how that worked out.

    Ok, "Joey's not buying it" means Joey still doesn't believe them saying?

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    Re: Someone's not buying it.

    Joey doesn't believe them.

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